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Discover Class

The Discover class is how people that attend NewLife find out how to become partners with us!

Discover Class at NewLife

Everyone who decides to become part of our church is essentially expressing the desire to be involved with our ministries, service opportunities, vision, and mission. That's a pretty tall order, so rather than just calling those people "members," we call them partners. That means they (along with leadership) are striving and planning towards the same goals and end results. For us, that is important. We want to be clear, and also allow time for people to get to know us, themselves, and how we can work together better. That's why we developed a 3-week class called Discover. They begin on the first Sunday of the month, and continue for 3 consecutive weeks between 10:00 to 10:45am.

Discover Class

Week 1 - Discover US

Here you'll learn more about the vision, mission, and heart/beliefs of NewLife Church. Get to know us!

Week 2 - Discover YOU

This class allows you to dial in on your skills, gifts, and how God made you. We want to know you!

Week 3 - Discover WE

This final week helps you take your Next Steps at NewLife. We'll connect you to Ministries, Service, and more!