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This is where church partners are able to submit information about events and activities.

Making the switch to a form

All announcements should be submitted the week before the mid week email that would contain the information. Due date for all announcements is the Wednesday (a full week) before the desired mid-week email is sent. If your announcement is not submitted within the aforementioned timeframe, we will put it into the next week's communication. All events and activities are to be on the church calendar before any announcements can be made. All events/activities are subject to review before they are confirmed/denied. If events are scheduled more than 6 months in advance, they will be subject to change based upon leadership or staff. Any changes or cancellations to your event/activity time or place will be communicated ASAP by staff or the church office. All announcement submissions are subject to prioritization by leadership. Prioritization processes ensure that NewLife partners may more easily see and find announcements, groups, and events that are pertinent to them.